100 W Dual Head Fabric 레이저 Cutting Machine/Dual Head Fabric 레이저 Cutting Machine/60 W Dual Head fabric 레이저 Cutting Machine

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모델 번호:
힘 (W):
신고 의심스러운 활동
빠른 세부 사항
적용 가능한 물자:
레이저 유형:
절단 지역:
1600*2600 MM
절단 속도 :
0-800 미리메터/초
지원되는 도표 체재:
레이저 절단
절단 간격:
CNC 또는 아닙니다:
냉각 형태:
물 냉각
제어 소프트웨어:
원래 장소:
Guangdong, China
유명 상표:
후-sales Service Provided:
Customers'drawings available 할 service machinery 해외
Laser 힘:
80 w 100 w
레이저 형:
Sealed CO2 laser 관
Working 플랫폼:
B 형 mesh belt
위치 정확도:
±. 05mm (no red 빛)
Power supply:
AC220±10 %, 50 ~ 60Hz, 10A max
Operating 온도:
0 ~ 45℃
운전 system:
스테퍼 (Optional 서보)
품 명:
100 W Dual Head Fabric 레이저 Cutting Machine
공급 능력
공급 능력:
1000 Set/Sets per Day
포장 및 배송
패키지 정보
Standard 내 보냅니다 포장
Any port of China

100W Dual Head Fabric Laser Cutting Machine/ Dual Head Fabric Laser Cutting Machine/60W Dual Head Fabric Laser Cutting Machine

Product Description

 Product Features  

1,Fast curvilinear cutting function: it can cut via any curve fast continuous cutting, the laser heads moving in beautiful arc just evoke your imagination of top graderacing car.
2,To fully support design software, such as CAD, CORELDRAW, PHOTOSHOP, friendly man-machine interface, live close to the industry needs.
3,Multi-document function: SC series equipment can store as many as 256 working documents, in the case of without the computer, the user can select files in the engraving machine the mass production of 256 different products.
4,All-optical isolation system with high speed differential input and output circuit design, long distance transmission signal without distortion, strong antijamming capability, system has realized the no.12 working state output, state 16-way input, to dock with the user production site easily.
5,Large-format laser cutting incision smooth fine, meet the blanking, machining the whole piece of cloth.
6,Stable light path design, match industrial water-cooled machine, ensure the large-format, cutting the position work surface laser power output is consistent, fast and efficient, stable machining quality.
7,Automatic feeding and discharging, save time, improve work efficiency, it can customize according to customer's demand level.
8,Feeding system adopts special words with mesa, pedrail automatic feeding device, convenient processing objects move freely on the surface of the cutting machine.
9,The machine used in clothing, textiles, leather and other industries.Mainly used for plate, cloth, leather and other non-metal cutting and carving.

modelYH-1626SC(double-end)  feeder
working area1600x2600MM
laser power80w  100w
laser  typeSealed CO2 laser tube 
working  platformB type mesh belt
working  speed≤700mm/s
Positioning accuracy±0.05mm(no  red  light) 
graphic  format  supportedBMP PLT DST AI DXF
cooling  modeforced  water-cooling and  protection  system
power  supplyAC220±10% ,50~60Hz ,  10A max
operating  temperature0~45℃ 
operating   humidity5%~95% no  sweating 
driving systemstepper    (Optional servo)
optionDouble shift function
Applicable industry:
clothing , footwear, home  textiles, embroidery, BUWAN ,leather, Luggage, outdoors, sports, car  seat.
genuine  leather, artificial leather, soft  leather, decorative leather, packaging leather etc.all kinds of leather,leather materials, pure cotton, real  silk,all kinds of chemical  fiber, cowboy,  and so on .all kinds of textile materials, or non-woven material.
Typical  case :
clothing, footwear, BUWAN, luggage, wild camp, car seat cut, cut, such as the car chair affixed cloth embroidery, special-shaped trademarks, airbags, such as laser cutting, garment leather carve patterns or designs on woodwork hollow out.
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