수출입 도매 IQF 유기 말린 Ficus Carica 달콤한 냉동 무화과 판매

FOB 참조 가격:최근 가격 확인
US$3,000.00 - US$3,500.00 / 톤 | 12 톤 (최소.)
리드 타임::
수량(톤) 1 - 12 >12
예상 시간(일) 30 양도 가능
Size (Min. Order: 12 톤)
신고 의심스러운 활동
빠른 세부 사항
원래 장소:
Heilongjiang China
유명 상표:
골드 선샤인
부피, 10 kg/ctn
쉘프 수명:
12 개월
경작 유형:
일반, 유기
건식 공정:
달콤한, 달콤한
무게 (kg):
최대 수분 (%):
5% 또는 requst
보전 과정:
제품 이름:
냉동 무화과 판매
자연 색상
냉동 말린 무화과
12 톤
Belowing-18 섭씨
골드 선샤인
100% 자연 건조 과일
공급 능력
공급 능력:
2000 Ton/Tons per Year
포장 및 배송
패키지 정보
일반적으로 대량 10kgx1/ctn 우리는 팩 귀하의 요청에
Dalian port or any port in China
예시 그림:
리드 타임: :
수량(Tons) 1 - 12 >12
예상 시간(일) 30 추후 협상
Product Description


Frozen Figs for Sale

Figs are a sweet fruit with multiple seeds and soft skin, which can be eaten ripe or dried. Figs are also called nature’s candy because they are high in natural sugar.



The frozen figs for sale is easily available almost everywhere, all year round.Dry the ripe figs in the summer high temperature moist areas according to the following process: fruit washing → steam peeling (hot) → plate drying →picking → packaging → preservation. Dried fruits can be used as raw materials for dried fruits, drinks and cakes.

Dried figs contain an impressive nutritional range, including high levels of protein, carbohydrates, calcium, vitamin K, potassium, iron, and magnesium. In terms of dietary fiber, dried figs have a higher content than any other fruit. A 1/2 cup of these figs, which is about 9 dried fruits, contains just under 200 calories and has almost no fat content. These dried fruits also offer various antioxidants and active ingredients to further boost your health.There are also trace amounts of omega-6 fatty acids, glutamic acid, and linoleic acid.

Dried figs are best for tossing into salads, baking into breads, eating out of hand,tart fillings and other cooked applications, such as jam.

Product NameFrozen Figs
PackageOuter package: 10kg carton

Inner package: 1kg, 10kg or as your requirement
StandardGrade A
Packaging & Shipping


Our Services


Cleaning and Disinfection

We put cleaning and disinfection in the first place.

Making the cleaning procedure standardized.


Industrialized Production

Speed and quality is our target.



1. Q: Are you a manufacturer or a trade company ?

A: We are a trading company with own factory who have been in this filed for many years with a lot experience.


2. Q: What is MOQ?

A: MOQ is short for Minimum Order Quantity.It is negotiable B: The MOQ is normally 12tons, but it's negotiable, pls rest assure that.


3. Q: What is your payment term?

A:For first cooperation, it's better to do TT or L/C, after we trust more each other, it's also possible to do DP and Extend your payment days, it is no problem.


4. Q: How can I get the samples?

A: We can provide the sample for free, but the flight cost should be negotiated, since frozen foods need to be delivery with dry ice, the cost is expensive.


5. Q: What is your Packaging Standard?

A: 1x10kgs/ctn.We can also pack as your request from packing material to quality.

Company Information

  Our company currently has various processed fruit & vegetable products such as quick frozen fruits & vegetables, freeze dried fruits & vegetables, canned fruits & vegetables, fruit & vegetable juice, and fruit & vegetable powder, totally over 100 varieties. 60% of the products are exported to dozens of countries and areas such as USA, EU, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia etc. In domestic markets, we mainly supply for large professional food production enterprises. We've gained good reputation internationally, and have owned stable client base. We execute strictly of the quality policy "To meet clients' demands maximally with high quality & high safety products, accompanied with first class service", develop with keeping promises, warm and thoughtful after-sale service, and good commercial reputation, and ascend in domestic and abroad markets with first-class products & excellent service.

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