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Tinox 블루 필름 핀입니다 플랫 플레이트 태양 수집가

US$6.30 / 평방 미터 | 500 평방 미터 (최소  주문)
Tinox Blue film selective coating for flat plate solar collectors
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Solar absorber
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Flat plate solar collector
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리드 타임:
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빠른 세부 사항
원래 장소:
Shandong, China
유명 상표:
모델 번호:
폭 (mm):
500mm, 760mm, 780mm, 960mm, 980mm, 1000mm, 1250mm
두께 (mm):
알루미늄 0.3mm 알루미늄 0.4mm
길이 (mm):
코일 또는 지정된 길이
흡수 박동:
마그네트론 스퍼터링
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Tinox 블루 필름 핀입니다 플랫 플레이트 태양 수집가

포장 및 배송

판매 단위:
단일 품목
단일 패키지 크기: 
50X50X50 cm
단일 총 중량:
570.000 kg
패키지 유형:
Tinox 블루 필름 핀입니다 플랫 플레이트 태양 수집가 포장: 나무 케이스.
리드 타임: :
수량(평방 미터) 1 - 5000 >5000
예상 시간(일) 10 추후 협상
Product Description

 Details ofTinox Blue film selective coating for flat plate solar collectors


Selective absorb blue titanium coating can greatly improve the efficiency of the solar collection efficiency and  utilization of the solar collector, within the scope of the solar spectrum with high absorption ratio, at the same time in the infrared spectral range thermal emission ratio as low as possible.

Product process using magnetron sputtering deposition technology, can achieve a higher absorption rate and low emissivity, environment protection without pollution during preparation, at present the coating technology in the field of field application is very mature.



High efficient solar selective absorb blue coating


 Aluminum  0.3mm,  Aluminum 0.4mm




Length (mm)

Coil material or specified length

Absorb rate & emissivity

93%-96% & 4%-6%

Thickness of Coating



Magnetron Sputtering

Working Theory

Absorbs sunlight and converts it into heat,


Solar water heater, Air collector, Heat pipe solar collector ,or other new field of solar thermal system


Currently, the most commonly used specifications are thickness of Al 0.3 mm & Al0.4mm, width is less than 1250mm. The coil materials are supplied.


Solar selective absorption coating is widely used, and the conventional application is the heat absorption part of the flat plate solar collector, which can also be used as the heat absorption part of the large heat pipe, air energy collector etc.






My company has the perfect product testing system, to ensure that products from raw materials procurement, research and development production, the factory test all links such as, the first test, to ensure that products reach the downstream enterprises can be put into production.

Product Pictures




Company Information

 Tinox Blue film selective coating for flat plate solar collectors

BTE Solar Co.,Ltd (BTE) is one of the leading manufacturer of solar hot water systems and photovoltaic system in China and around the world. With many years' experiences and Research, BTE team has developed different kinds of solar collectors for different working temperature and circumstance. The solar thermal products including Vacuum tubes, Flat panel collector(High /low temperature), U pipe and Heat pipe collector, Linear concentrating collector, Steam Collector, Solar Water Heater and commercial system. The solar photovoltaic products including solar panels, solar lamps, power generating system and solar pumps. Sentoc automatic production line and strict quality management system can supply you high quality & long working life products.

The board of chairman Mr. Rongtao,Han is one totally technical guy, he has been do the research of solar key technology from year 2000,With his good technical background and ten years research, Sentoc founded in 2009.

Now,BTE and Aoxin Holdings cooperated developed innovative industry integrated model and successfully build Hebei Aochang Industrial Park, Henan Xuchang Industrial Park, Shandong Jining Industrial Park, Total investment more than USD 20,000,000. The Second production base of Sentoc which located in Hebei Aochang Industrial Park has been finished. On the base of professional technology experiences and cooperation with researching institutes and universities, Sentoc has developed high weather-proof selective absorbing film from full-automatic magnetron sputtering production line. Averagely 1.5min/p can delivery your order in short time. The quick measuring instrument from Germany can do function test on production line which ensure each absorber plate meet our high quality requirements.

In 2014, Sentoc successfully developed the new flat panel collector with "Bonding" technology. Its efficiency is 10% higher than normal blue film collector.

In addition, BTE is the core member of Solar Cooling Equipment Joint Research Center and supply heat collecting design for solar cooling system.

Now, Sentoc not only supply energy saving products to global market, we also supply different energy saving solutions to realize your "Micro-Emission" requirements.

 Tinox Blue film selective coating for flat plate solar collectors


The Exhibition


 Tinox Blue film selective coating for flat plate solar collectors

Our Customer

 Tinox Blue film selective coating for flat plate solar collectors




 Tinox Blue film selective coating for flat plate solar collectors

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