1000AMP 헤비 듀티 25 FT 2 게이지 부스터 케이블 점프 케이블 비상 점퍼

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US$15.00 - US$16.00 / 개 | 200 개 부스터 케이블 (최소.)
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Zhejiang, China
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10 년
부스터 케이블
부스터 케이블
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100000 Piece/Pieces per Day Booster Cable
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Shipped in 35 days after payment
Product Description

1000AMP Heavy Duty 25 FT 2 Gauge Booster Cable Jumping Cables Emergency Jumper


Booster cable jumping cables power jumper auto battery booster cables CCA 25ft is 20 feet 1000 amp jumper cables 2 gauges with molded wire cable for extra strength to jump your car when you really need. The jumper boost start for car, van, truck, RV, boat, camper and etc. Our tangle-free design along with the convenient carrying case makes sure your cables stay organized and untangled in your trunk. A must have for any car truck or van in case of a dead battery Terrific value and fast shipping. 


25FT Long Extra Heavy Duty booster cable. 
1000Amp parrot Jaw clamps.
Tangle free design.
Fits top and side post batteries.
Engineered for warm and cold climates.
Stays Felxible to -67 degrees F.
Suitable for starting all types of vehicles and trucks. 
Color coded red and black for positive and negative terminals. 

Packaging & Shipping

 Slider Card,Woven Box Outside,We can pack as your requestment 


Our Services


Any requirements, please do not hesitate to contact with us, we will try our best to  support your business.We always insist on the high quality leather furniture, lower  price, excellent service. We wish to set up a long-term business relationship with customers from all around the world.  


1. We have professional technical team focus on developing and quality assurance.

2. We do strict quality inspection before shipment.

3. Our jack warranty can last more than1 year.

4. With years' experience

Company Information


We Manufacture high-performance tools for metal cutting and drilling.

We develop,Produce and sell tools that deliver more performance with less effort: due to faster work progress,better results,longer lifetime.

We want to further strengthen our market position as a tool specialist by making targeted investments in product development, by using our own manufacturing with high quality standards and by working together with strong market partners.We have been in this field for 7 years,Best Service for you, Hope to cooperate with you for a long time,



Question: How many years have been in this field ?

Answer . We are main deal with Drilling, Cutting tools for more than ten yeras.


Question : Can I ask some samples to test for Text the quality?
Answer . Yes, We Can Send you some Sample for Text Quality


Question : How many days you need to prepare the samples?

Answer . We need 3-5 working days to prepare the samples


Question : Where is the loading port.

Answer . We can loading as your requestment,The Ningbo,Shanghai,guangdong and so on .


Question : when we make order, some suppliers used lower material instead of high quality material products and send to us, how can I trust you?

Answer . We hope to cooperate with your company for a long time,So Trust us, We always do from the small order, We ask the customer to test the material chemical elements after receipt goods and compare with samples. 


Questions:If you do the FOB or CIF

Answer: Yes, We can do both FOB and CIF,If do the CIF,We will try to find the cheapest shipping fee for you,




1.No matter FOB or CIF the price term is , we would try our best to find a lowest freight cost for customers' reference.
2.The third-party inspection always get real and true data from us and we will send production photos to customers if there is no inspection. 
3.Do our best to help customer arrange the shipment and customs clearance.
4.Installation maintenance and repair instructions with full informations.
5.3-15years warranty depends to different products.
6.Accept Changing or Refunding if the products can not be installed rightly.

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