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2018 새로운 제품 사랑 팔찌 자연 Druzy Drusy 심장 돌 골드 체인 팔찌 보석

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A09 Amethyst
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리드 타임:
3 결제일 이후로
신고 의심스러운 활동
빠른 세부 사항
보석 유형:
팔찌, 팔찌
원래 장소:
Guangxi, China
유명 상표:
모델 번호:
팔찌 또는 팔찌는 타자를 친다:
매력 팔찌
보석 요점 물자:
물자 유형:
구리 합금
주요 돌:
기념일, 교전, 선물, 당, 결혼식, 다른
아이들, 남자, 남녀 공통, 여자
돌 색:
Rainbow Green
돌 Shape:
심장 8*8
50 개

포장 및 배송

판매 단위:
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단일 패키지 크기: 
15X12X10 cm
단일 총 중량:
0.010 kg
패키지 유형:
1. 패션 목걸이 밀봉 polybag 별도로 포장되어 있습니다. 2. 그들은 포장되어 있습니다 거품 가방. 3. 마지막에 넣어 목걸이 포장 수출 판지 상자. 또는 요청.
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수량(개) 1 - 1000 >1000
예상 시간(일) 3 추후 협상
Product Description

                                                                                Welcome to ONE AND ONE Druzy Jewelry World!.:-)

                                                   More competitive price in big order is available.pls feel free to contact Cn1513274067,

                                                                                                     Cici welcomes your coming. :-)

Product Type:
Druzy Stud Bracelet
Main Stone Material:
Natural Druzy Stone
Stone Color:
Natural Color
High-temperature electroplated
Other color accept:
Check it out our drusy color cart
Detailed Images

It is Natural Drusy , the Crystalfang will be different ,Some are Micro , Some are Tick

It's Natural Agate Druzy Stone , the stone area will not be smooth.may have concave holes, uneven phenomena, etc.

It is Natural Drusy , there will be some black speck, which is normal.

Color Off Problem:

Is natural agate druzy stone , evey time we sold out the druzy color will be some different.

Our Druzy Stone Shapes

Round, Pear, Trillion, Oval, Cushion, Heart and Star are our common shapes in stock. :-)

Here you are our Color Cart

There are about 15 different colours for options.

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Packing & Delivery

Delivery Time:

1.Inventory Items: 3-5 days

2.Customized Item : 20-35 days

Our Advance

Our Company specialize in fashion jewelry and gemstone about 15 years.Our factories not only have the advanced manufacturing equipments, professional staffs and design team and effective quality inspection ,but we can offer OEM&ODM services and produce as your requirements. We can offer the products with excellent quality(AAA,AA,A,AB and B quality standards),competitive price and after sevice for our customers as well. All our druzy jewelry are 100% Natural Druzy Stone in Good Quality. 


1.Can I mix order ?

YES.You could mix order with different color or styles as you need if the order quantity is ok.

2.Can I get discounts ?

YES. We can give reasonable discounts according to your order quantity.

3.Can you add our own logo on the products ?

YES. We can offer this service as your specific requirement.

4.Can you make the products with my design ?

YES. We can make the CAD design drawing as your design idea, please feel free to let us know your further information .

5.Is the sample fee free ?

A)The sample fee is free if your order quantity reaches the big quantity we require.

B)The sample fee is paid by you if your order quantity is less, however, the sample fee can be returned to you via the payment of order in bulk.

6.How does your factory control the jewelry's quality ?

A)We have about 25 production processes for making jewelry .

B)We have 10 experienced QC with stronger team spirit and responsibility and 10 inspection processes to control the jewelry's quality.

7.What is the jewelry's maintenance ?

All the jewelries should adopt this protection method: Earliest taking down and latest putting on. Here are 3 tips for you to wear and protect your jewelry correctly.

1). Avoid making your jewelry get in touch with mordant liquid as far as possible,such as perfume,sweat,cleaner,sanitizer,shower gel when wearing.

2). To keep the gloss of your jewelry, you'd better to wipe it with DFJC or clean and soft dry cloth after wearing.

3). Put your jewelry in your jewelry case to prevent it from contacting sunlight and damp air when you are not wearing jewelry for a long time.

8.How do you offer after service ?

1). The jewelry can be returned to us within 7 days without use and damaging after receiving goods.

2).If you get the defective and damaged jewelry, kindly please take enough photos showing the quality problem to us, so that we make the feedback to our QC dept, meanwhile, we can negotiate with you the solution ,eg:the replacement , refund or other solution.

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