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2020 노바 도매 가격 이벤트 임대 Starlit 댄스 플로어 댄스 플로어 Led 댄스 플로어

  • 256-511 평방피트
  • 512-1023 평방피트
  • >=1024 평방피트
1 batch = 256 평방피트
모델 번호:
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리드 타임:
12 결제일 이후로
개인 맞춤 로고 (최소 주문: 256 평방피트)
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신고 의심스러운 활동
빠른 세부 사항
조명 솔루션 서비스:
조명 회로 디자인
led 매트릭스 빛이
램프 빛난 유출 (lm):
CRI (Ra>):
작동 온도 (℃):
-20 - 50
작동 일생 (시간):
IP 등급:
CCC, 세륨, EMC, 유럽 연합 LVD 인증, ROHS
원래 장소:
Guangdong, China
유명 상표:
색깔 방출:
보장 (년):
2 년
Color Temperature(CCT):
Warm White
LED Color:
RGB (7 color)
Surface Material:
6mm Acrylic
Inner Material:
18mm plywood
Base Material:
10mm aluminium frame
wedding, party, club decoration
Product Name:
LED Starlit Dance Floor
Lamp Luminous Efficiency(lm/w):
LED Light Source:
입력 전압 (V):
AC90-240V, 50-60HZ
램프 힘 (W):

포장 및 배송

판매 단위:
단일 품목
단일 패키지 크기: 
140X130X100 cm
단일 총 중량:
625.000 kg
패키지 유형:
1. carton packing 2. carton packing with pallet 3. flight case packing
예시 그림:
리드 타임: :
수량(평방피트) 1 - 2560 >2560
예상 시간(일) 12 추후 협상
Product Description

 NOVA RGB Starlit Twinkling LED Dance Floor for Wedding Decoration

1. Hot Sale Size: 16ft x 16ft / 20ft x 20ft / 26ft x 26ft / 32ft x 32ft ( 5m x 5m / 6m x 6m / 8m x 8m / 10m x 10m ) 
2. White LED Effect: Twinkling / Speed adjust / All Lights On
3. RGB LED Effect: Red, Green, Blue, White, Yellow, Pink, Cyan
Project Size
16ft x 16ft ( 4.87m x 4.87m )
LED Color
RGB LED lamp
Dance Floor Color
white and black for choice
Input Voltage
90V - 240
Max Output
Output Voltage
Light Source
Surface Material
6mm thickness acrylic
Working Life Time
50000 hours
Waterproof Rate
Quality Warranty
2 years
Detailed Image
hand work assembly by our professional workers
All LED lamp have been test one by one before installation.

LED lamp can be replace for your future use.

Light Up Effect
Quality Test
Projects We Did

6m x 6m (20ft x 20ft) NOVA LED Starlit Twinkling Dance FLoor Use for Wedding in London

--- 8pc 2x2ft connect 28pc 2x4ft dance floor

--- suitable for 90 people dance 

NOVA LED Black Color Starlit Twinkling Dance FLoor for Wedding and Party Wall Decoration.
--- wireless connection, save your time and labor charge for fast set up

--- waterproof structure,  you can use both indoor and outdoor
--- hot sale to USA, UK, AU, CA and MX


carton packing with plastic wrap for protection

 flight case packing. 10pc in each flight case

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Why Choose Us

1. 20 years production experience since 1998.

2. certification of CE, ISO9000, UL, TUV etc.
3. 4000SQM area of our factory. OEM / ODM 

4. over 120 Skilled Workers, 25 Quality Controller and 10 Professional Engineers.

Shenzhen Nova Performance Equipment Company was founded in 1998. we are professional manufacturer of events related products. The main products are LED Dance Floor, Stage Effect Machine, Truss Project and Pipe Drape System. Free charge design for Wedding Events, Party Decoration and Club Stage Effect. Our goal is to do top quality products with best service for all of our clients. And we treat our clients as long-term cooperation business partner. You are not just a client. We are going to establish a relations to get mutual benefits for both of us.
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