Absorption-Diffusion Type 43 Liters Top Mount Small Room Natural Gas Fridge Prices

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신고 의심스러운 활동
빠른 세부 사항
CE, 갓, RoHs
W401 * D450 * H617mm, W401 * D450 * H617mm
온도 범위:
7 ~ 14oC, 7 ~ 14oC
원래 장소:
Guangdong, China
유명 상표:
모델 번호:
12 개월 개월
광동, 중국
화이트, 실버
1 * 20'GP
12 개월
공급 능력
공급 능력:
2000.0 Piece/Pieces per Month
포장 및 배송
패키지 정보
normal standard packing
비디오 설명

outdoor cooler,outdoor fridge,mini fridge,mini cooler,can cooler


Absorption-Diffusion Type 43 Liters Top Mount Small Room Fridge Prices






Product Description



        1.High performance with superior absorption technology.

        2.Boundless independence for all outdoor enthusiasts

        3.No compressor, no moving part, no vibration

        4.Noiseless and convenient cooling comfort anywhere

        5.Extremely high reliability and long life expectancy
        6.Robust color bond steel cabinet, unbreakable & rust free

        7.3-way power supply - AC, DC, and even Gas

        8.We got GAD,EMC,LVD,GS for Europe since 2003 in Finland Fimko Lab,the first manufactory in China



Applications: Enjoy real comfort and cool pleasure anywhere. Anytime, no matter where you are- in cars, leisure vehicles, camping, in car, in caravan or at home.


Practical details: Gas flame indicator, AC & Gas thermostat control, Bubble leveler for easy install, Piezoelectric ceramic ignitor


Model No. XC-43G XC-62GAS
Net Capacity 43 Liters 60 Liters
Temperature 7~14 
(18~22℃ below ambient)
5~12 ℃
(20~25℃ below ambient)
Coolant Ammonia(NH3,R717)
Isolation C-pentane, totally CFC free
Input Power 90W 100W
Power Supply DC: 12V
AC: 230V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
GAS: 15g/hr GAS: 18g/hr
Body size W401 x D450 x H617 mm W490 x D485 x H655 mm
Packing size W460 x D510 x H680 mm W540x D540 x H700 mm
Weight 19.5kg/net, 21.5kg/gross 22kg/net, 24kg/gross
Container Loading 165pcs/20', 345pcs/40', 413pcs/40HC 120pcs/20', 252pcs/40', 316pcs/40HC
Quality Approval CE, GS, RoHs CE, RoHs


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Our Services

 COLKU provides a series of service covering from consultation to after-sale service:

   1.After being fully ware of customer’s requirements, our professional production team and marketing team will provide suitable solutions.
   2. We provide exclusive car for your visit to our company.
   3. The delivery time is less than 40days after we received the down payment.
   4. We provide one-year quality warranty for our products.
   5. As an ODM/OEM service supplier, we provide one-stop service including product design, blueprint preparation, prototype making, mold making, fridge sample production oand product manufacturing.
    6.Customer’s molds are also acceptable. Mold test, mold modification, and products improvement service are also available.
    7.Every batch of product comes with a certain number of replacements for the quick-wear parts. We provide different defects liability period for different products, If any quality problems occurred,

1) We can provide any accessory necessary for the repairing;
2) Technicians can be sent to repair the products or provide supports and instructions;
3) You can return the broken products for professional fixing.

Company Information


COLKU Electrical Appliance Ltd. can provide portable refrigerators for all of your barbequing and storage 

needs. If it is your first time browsing our inventory, then we highly recommend the portable freezer, 3-way 

upright fridge freezer, thermoelectric cooler, as well as the gas fridge and freezer. Please purchase with 

confidence, we are a Chinese OEM/ODM manufacturer with more than 30 years of production experience.

Our one-stop service includes everything from product design to blueprint draftingsample fabrication

mold shaping, and mass production.

Production and Pack


Trade Shows






1.Which kind of certificate do you have?
We have CE, CB, Rohs, Reach, LFGB , SAA, C-tick for the products etc.


2.How about quality guarantee?
It’s 1 year for whole unit.
We can offer 2% spare parts and 0.5% for compressors FOC.


3.What’s the MOQ?
We have no requirement on the quantity for 1st order.


4.Can you accept OEM or ODM?
Yes, surely. Logo is also acceptable.


5.Which markets you are selling to now?
We sell our products all over the world, such as Germany, France, UK, Australia, USA, Canada, Middle East, South Africa, etc.


6.Can we be a distributor/dealer in our market?
Yes, we can discuss the items and the terms.


7.This product/model is not for the following countries/districts:Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, UK, Korea, Australia all countries




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