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Blitzblue automatic sensor alcohol standing touchless automated hand sanitizer dispenser soap spray dispenser floor stand

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Guangdong, China
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MK 01
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자동 비누 디스펜서
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자동 손 소독제 디스펜서
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5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
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0%-85% RH
약 19*7.3*10CM

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21X11X8 cm
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0.294 kg
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Blitzblue automatic sensor alcohol standing touchless automated hand sanitizer dispenser soap spray dispenser floor stand

1.Automatic Induction Soap Dispenser - Fog out in one second, real-time disinfection, open when you reach out, close when you retract, non-contact sprayer, avoid cross infection, health and safety
2.Hand Disinfection Machine Applicable Occasions - This small-size induction sprayer is suitable for bathroom, kitchen, toilet, kindergarten, hospital, shopping mall, playground, school, visit, hotel and other places, you can take it any where
3.Hands Free Soap Dispenser Large capacity:The built-in bottle has a large capacity of 300ml, which equals around 300 sprays. Provide automatic dosage of fine spray each use. IPX4's advanced waterproof design
4.Touchless Soap Dispenser Design: This liquid soap dispenser can give you more liquid soap if you put your hand under the nozzle for more than 2 seconds.
5.Package Include - 1* Automatic Induction Disinfection Sprayer Non-Contact Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

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Q1. Are you manufacturer?

A: yes, we are manufacturers. Welcome you to visit our factory at your convenience.

Q2.Can I have a sample to check the quality before ordering in bulk?
A: of course, you can ask the samples for quality inspection.

Q3.How long will the production cycle take
A:1 day for stock samples, 5-7 days for sample production, 10-12 days for sample printing.

Mass production requires 1,000 PCS in 3-4 weeks.

Q4.How do you ship the goods and how long will it take to arrive
 20-30days by ship.Air and express deliveries are also optional.

Q5.How to execute a command?
Let us know your request or application first.

Secondly, we quote on your request or on our recommendation.

Third, the customer confirms the design and deposits the formal order.

Fourth, we arrange production.


Q6.What's our MOQ?

A:If our product is neutral packing, usually our minimum order quantity is 50pcs,if you need ,for provide you best support ,we can adjust the MOQ accoding your expected. 

Q7:Can i design the package by myself?
A:of course,if you customized .usually our MOQ is 1000pcs.if you have other idea,just let us know .we can try our best to support .



Q8:May i know your terms of payment?

A: 1. EXW, FOB SZ.  

2. 30% deposit before the production, 70% balance payment before the delivery.

3.T/T(HK HSBC),ALIBABA Assurance Trade



If we got defective complaint from our customers,Please collect detailed defective reason and operation,and please send us pictures and video,we will complain to our QC department,they will check and confirm the reason solution with 7 working days .

Hospital bathroom use private label custom logo manufacturers 1000ml automatic 75% alcohol gel hand sanitizer dispenser


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