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탄소 섬유 ABS 블랙 프레임 스티커 커버 트림 Toyota Corolla 2019 2020 자동차 외관 장식 및 액세서리

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모델 번호:
유명 상표:
성공 S.A
원래 장소:
Zhejiang, China
자동차 용품:
Toyota Corolla 2019 2020
Toyota Corolla 2019 2020
제품 이름:
ABS 블랙 프레임 스티커 커버 트림
탄소 섬유 블랙
OEM 서비스 허용
표준 패키지
자동차 액세서리

포장 및 배송

판매 단위:
단일 품목
단일 패키지 크기: 
30X30X10 cm
단일 총 중량:
0.300 kg
리드 타임: :
수량(세트) 1 - 200 >200
예상 시간(일) 3 추후 협상
Product Description
Product name
Carbon Fibre ABS Black Frame Sticker Cover Trims For Toyota Corolla 2019 2020 Car Exterior Decoration And Accessories
Place of origin
ZheJiang, China(mainland)
With 3M Tape
Specific use
Exterior Car Docrative Frame
10 Set
Delivery Time
3 days for samples, 7-15 days for order
TT/ West Union/ PayPal
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Company Introduction
WENZHOU CHENGMIN TRADE Co., Ltd has factory in Zhejiang and office in Guangzhou, China. It's office is in B301, Yuewang building,Jiahewanggang, Baiyun District, Guangzhou. Its factory is located at Car Industrial park, Tangxia, Ruian District, Wenzhou,Zhejiang, China, covers an area of over 5,000 square meters.From 2011,CHENGMIN start to focus on inventing, designing and producing inside and outside car accessories, after several years of development, CHENGMIN has it's own professional team for researching and designing. PRODUCTS:1, ABS chrome products, such as: Head/Tail light cover, Handle bowl, Door handle cover, Body trims, Fog light cover, Front grill, Mirror cover/LED, Rear trunk streamer;2, Injection sun visor;3, Stainless steel Door sills and Head/Rear bumper. PROCESS OF MAKING PRODUCTS:In order to make sure every product is perfectly fit the cars,CHENGMIN make the products as follows:1,Use testing machine to get data from the original car /auto parts;2,Use the original data to design products and make moulds;3,Send the sample to the customer and test if it's fitting, to make sure the product fit the car perfectly;BUSINESS PHILOSOPHY:WENZHOU CHENGMIN TRADE Co., Ltd will move on with the Business philosophy of "Focus On Car". CHENGMIN takes great pleasure to welcome domestic and foreign customers to visit factory and work together.
Production Process

Modeling design

Carving washing and grinding tool

Fine carving grinding tool

Abrasive tool storage

Our Exhibition
Q:1. Can I have a sample order? A: Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check the quality. Mixed samples are acceptable. Q:2. What is lead time? A: 3-5 days for samples, 15-20 days for mass production. Should according to the order quantity.,
Q:3. Do you have any MOQ limit? A: We have different MOQ regarding to the type of products, but the usually MOQ is 10 sets. Q:4. Can you accept mixed batch of different products? A: Yes, we support different product mix wholesale, no limit of raw materials and mechanical parts, and color specifications. Etc. Q:5. How do you ship the goods and how long does it take arrive? A: Depending on the order quantity and size, we will ship by FEDEX, DHL,EMS,TNT and UPS etc. approximately 5-7 workdays, and will be different according to the destination. Q:6. How can I pay for the orders? A:Regard to payment,we can accept T/T, Western Union and Paypal.Paypal is for small amount orders. Q:7. We want to visit your company. A: Of course, we are a production and processing enterprises, looking forward to your visit. Q:8. How to contact us? A: Send your inquiry details in the below and click the "send "now.
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