CATV 네트워크 스위치, 광 스위치 가격

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US$180.00 - US$220.00 / 개 | 1 개 CATV 네트워크 스위치, 광 스위치 가격 (최소.)
지원 해상 화물
신고 의심스러운 활동
빠른 세부 사항
원래 장소:
Shandong, China
유명 상표:
모델 번호:
WS-OSW1 * 2
제품 이름:
CATV 네트워크 스위치, 광 스위치 가격
1250 ~ 1610nm
삽입 손실:
광학적인 입력 파워:
-10 ~ + 10dBm
스위칭 파워:
-10 ~ + 10dBm 테스트 0dBm)
스위칭 시간:
<10 ms
광 커넥터:
작업 온도.:
-5 ~ + 55 &deg;C
AC220V/50Hz 또는 DC-48V
공급 능력
공급 능력:
300 Piece/Pieces per Month CATV Optical Network Switch, Optical Switch Price
포장 및 배송
패키지 정보
2 pcs/carton CATV 네트워크 스위치, 광 스위치 가격
리드 타임: :
5~7 working days

CATV Optical Network Switch, Optical Switch Price


Product Description


WS-OSW optical switch uses the most advanced optical path automatic switching module. It is a kind of equipment used in the field of optical fiber communication, standby optical switching equipment. Can carry out instantaneous switching optical path. So as to protect the main cable when the obstacles, protection the system is running normally.



PerformanceTechnical indexRemark


1250 ~ 1610nm


Monitor optical power range

-10 ~ +10dBm


Optical input power

-10~ +10dBm


Optical connector



Optical power detection accuracy



Insertion loss



Switching optical power

-10 ~+10dBm(Test 0dBm)


Switching mode

Automatic or manual


Switching time



Working life

>10,000,000 times


Work temp.

-5 ~ +55°C


Relative humidity

Maximum 95% non-condensing


Power supply

AC220V/50Hz or DC-48V





Network management

Support SNMP



Ethernet interface (RJ45)



Model: WS-OSW1*2-S-2

Analysis According to Model: WS-OSW1*2-S-2, SC/APC optical connector and single 220VAC power supply.

Package & Payment


Our Services


      1.  Warranty 1 years: Direction modulation optical transmitter, High power optical fiber amplifier, Optical receiver, CATV trunk amplifier, FTTH optical receiver.


      2.  Warranty 3 years: EDFA, External modulation optical transmitter.


      3.  Bulk orders can deliver a certain number of wearing parts, such as power supplies, modules, etc.


      4.  The damaged products: during warranty period, we can provide parts to replace or repair for free. Outside the warranty period, lifetime warranty, charge a maintenance costs, round-trip freight shall be borne by the buyer. Bulk orders if had provided a certain percentage of free maintenance parts, no warranty.


      5.  Batch problem: If the products appear batch problems, can be returned.
      6. OEM&ODM: We can help you to design and put your good idea into products.
      7. Training service support: Provide free training service on installation and debugging.
Company Information

Shandong Wanshuo Optoelectronic Equipment Co., Ltd has been manufacturing CATV Optical equipment since 2008. Our company has become one of the biggest enterprises in the field of CATV equipment in China. We have been mainly engaged in designing, researching, manufacturing and marketing CATV HFC network equipment.

Our company has been researching and developing HFC network products, including 1550nm EDFA, high power multi-ports EDFA, EDFA with WDM for PON OLT, 1550nm/1310nm optical transmitters, optical receivers, FTTH optical node, CATV amplifiers, hybrid modules, power supplies and passive devices.  

After years of development, we have strong overall operational capabilities, rich experiences in international trade, and have made good relationship with many countries like USA, India, Vietnam, Spain, Romania, Ukraine and Russia, Peru, Colombia, African countries, etc. We are looking forward to forming business relationship with new clients around the world.

If you are interested in our products, welcome to your inquiry and visit our factory.




      1.  Are you a factory or trading company?

As a professional manufacturer, we supply full CATV & HFC network products more than 10 years in China.


      2.  Why should I choose you?

We can offer factory price, good quality, best service and long warranty.


     3.  How about your product service?

We can offer OEM & ODM, print your band, your design on the product based on your quantity.


     4.  How about the payment terms?

We accept bank transfer, escrow on line, western union, money gram, paypal.


      5.  How to ship the package?

DHL, UPS, EMX, TNT, Fedex, by air, by sea.


     6.  What kind of warranty do you offer?

Our excellent after-sale service team will provide to you with broader service plat form. We offer at lease one year warranty for our products without man-made damage.


     7.  What is your MOQ?

No MOQ for any sample test.

Contact Information


ATTN: Sherry

Skype: sherry_wsee

Whatsapp: +86 18560939975

Tel: +86-533-3599957

Fax: +86-533-3599955   


Add: NO.115, Wanjie Road, High-tech Development Area, Zibo, Shandong, China







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