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Cheap wholesale high quality meltblown turkey tessuto tela Recently stocked product

  • 1000-4999 킬로그램
  • 5000-9999 킬로그램
  • 10000-25999 킬로그램
  • >=26000 킬로그램
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원래 장소:
Guangdong, China
모델 번호:
Load QTY:
1x40HQ 12500kg;1*20ft 5500kg
Label Supply:
Customer label/Neutral label
Supply Ability:
Cutting piece size:
3.2m x 10m, or customized
Small roll:
1m x 10m, 1m x 25m, 2m x 25m or customized
Payment terms:
Paper tube 2" or 3" inside,polybag outside
Meter per Roll:
As usual 300-500m/roll,as customer request
Delivery time:
1-2 weeks all things confirmation (1-10 days for urgent order)

포장 및 배송

판매 단위:
단일 품목
단일 패키지 크기: 
57X57X17.5 cm
단일 총 중량:
11.372 kg
패키지 유형:
Inner: Paper roll Outer: Wrapping film
예시 그림:
리드 타임: :
수량(킬로그램) 1 - 10000 10001 - 26000 26001 - 36000 >36000
예상 시간(일) 5 10 14 추후 협상
Recommend Mask Fabric

Product Description

Cheap wholesale high quality meltblown turkey tessuto tela Recently stocked product

Product details

Load QTY 1x40HQ 12500kg;1*20ft 5500kg
Color White
Label Supply Customer label/Neutral label
Supply Ability 1500tons/month
Cutting piece size 3.2m x 10m, or customized
Small roll 1m x 10m, 1m x 25m, 2m x 25m or customized
Payment terms EXW/ FOB/CFR/CIF
Packaging Paper tube 2" or 3" inside,polybag outside
Meter per Roll As usual 300-500m/roll,as customer request
Delivery time 1-2 weeks all things confirmation (1-10 days for urgent order)
Product Keywords meltblown turkey,meltblown tessuto,meltblown tela


Shipment & Payment

1-14 days after confirming order,detail delivery date should be decided according to 
production season and order quantity.

Our Advantages

High capacity

1500 tons per month.

High standard

BFE 99 and environmentlly-friendly.


OEM &ODM manufactory,Accpet customizable


Professional service team

Provide samples and test reports, exported more than 10 countries,The specialist is responsible for you.

Company Information


Dongguan City Gerui Nonwovens Co.,Ltd is located in Dongguan city, Guangdong province. We mainly produce a series of nonwovens  fabric.We have 5 fully automatic production lines, dust-free workshop in line with safe production, and we have high quality operators. We have done many markets in North America, Europe, Asia and other regions, and understand relevant market laws and regulations...


1. specialty manufacture and sale nonwoven fabricst

2. Produce 1500 tons per month, and exports more than 10 counties.

3.Located in Dongguan City, industrial chain perfect, provide One-stop solution



1. Can I place a order now?

 Yes, you can. Our new workshop is accept order from online.

2. What are the usage of spunbond nonwoven fabrics?

Polypropylene spunbond nonwoven fabrics are widely used in many applications, such as agriculture plant cover, weed control mat, greenhouse cover, shopping bag, table cloth, bed sheet and pillowcase, package paper, spring pocket cover, interlining for shoes and garments etc.We've got FDA, CE, and some licenses for domestic market.



3.What information should I offer to you if I want to know the quotation?

- We need the following information:  1. The specification: width, length, weight (gsm), color  2. The usage of the fabric  3.The quantity 4.Port and destination country.

4. What colors do you have for nonwoven fabrics?

We can do all the colors according to your sample color or pantone color.

5. What’s the package of the nonwoven rolls?

- Nonwoven fabric rolls are rolled in paper tubes and then packed in transparent plastic bags Our paper core size: 3.5CM (1.38") , 5.0CM (1.97'') , 7.6CM (2.99'')

6. What’s the loading quantity?

- Loading quantity for nonwoven rolls: One 20’GP can load about 5-6 tons One 40’HQ can load about 12-13 tons

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