Chromoly 중장비 정밀 지상 MXM heim 조인트로드 끝

FOB 참조 가격:최근 가격 확인
US$1.00 - US$20.00 / 개 | 50.0 개 (최소.)
구멍 크기:
신고 의심스러운 활동
빠른 세부 사항
막대 끝
Applicable Industries:
Building Material 숍, 제조 식물, Certificates Repair 숍
유명 상표:
모델 번호:
원래 장소:
Shanghai, China
정밀 평가:
공 소재:
Gcr15, 경화, 하드 크롬 도금
ISO9001:2000, SGS 인증
접촉 지상:
최고 품질
정상 크기
만화 상자
정밀 등급:
공급 능력
공급 능력:
1000000 Piece/Pieces per Month rod end
포장 및 배송
패키지 정보
스레드 보호 개별적으로 체포, 포장 상자
비디오 설명


- Your China Linkage Joint Expert, Alibaba Highly recommended supplier.

Precision Rod Ends :

We make the fullest range of rod ends in China. Any linkage joint you can think of, we have them!

XM series-SUPER STRONG, Loaded Slot Injection Mold, Chromoly Steel - Heat Treated ,Hard Chrome Plated ,PTFE® / Kevlar® Self-Lubricating Race

Click Image for more Detail!

Hot Sales! Large amount of stock ready to ship.


Weld in Bung, misalignment spacer, jam nuts can be provided in kit.

AM & ALJM Aluminum ones, color can be choosen.

Click Image for more Detail!

Economy CM and CM-T Rod Ends

Click Image for more Detail!

POS & PHS Series Grease Fitting Type

Click Image for more Detail!


Click Image for more Detail!

SCM-T Stainless steel and PTFE Lined for your specific corrosion resistance application!

Click Image for more Detail!

Fiber Reinforced Nylon Injected

Click Image for more Detail!

PCM & PCYM Chromoly Black Oxide High Misalignment

Click Image for more Detail!

All our joints can be made with studs, and custom sizes.

Click Image for more Detail!

Flex Joint,Johnny Joint,Creeper Joint

Click Image for more Detail!


Click Image for more Detail!

Delivery Time:

Sample Time:

We provide free samples for parts in stock. Client pays for air freight for sample delivery or provide freight account on collect.

Sample can be sent out next day upon request.

Please send email for sample requirement.

Bulk Order Delivery Time:

Stock in hand: Ship next day after receipt of payment.

Bulk production: 30~45 days after receipt of deposit (may vary depending on specific items and item quantities)

For urgent order, we can make it faster. Please send email to negotiate.

Payment Terms:

We usually accept T/T (wire transfer), PAYPAL, Western Union, Escrow.

Other terms like MONEY GRAM, L/C, D/P, D/A, O/A can be negotiated.

Packing Method:

1.Neutral packing (neutral plastic bag+ neutral carton+ Plywood/Iron pallets)

2.Custom packing (with logo or barcode according to clients' requirement)

Why choose us?

1. As a direct manufacturer and also a trading company, we are able to have the best resources integrated in China and offer our clients qualified parts at the most competitive price. 2. Quality Assurance: 100% QC inspection before delivery; ISO9001:2008, and SGS certified; Full refund or replacement for quality faulty; 90 days quality warranty for ALL products. 3. Excellent customer service, responded within 24 hours. 4. Fast delivery: we have large amount of stock ready to ship the next day after order, and for bulk production, we can work on urgent order and deliver in time. 5. We provide OEM service and can make custom parts according to clients' prints or sample pieces. 6. With 10 year's exporting experience, we've worked with customers worldwide (NORTH AMERICA 80%, EUROPE/11%, Oceania/5%, RUSSIA/2%, South Korea/1%, Japan/1%). 7. Monthly production capacity over 200,000pcs, one of the three largest in our field in China. 8. Cheapest Shipping: the price we enjoyed is the cheapest in Shanghai, "84% off from FedEx" and "80% off from DHL". 9. One-Stop service: we can take care of everything from production, shipping, import clearance, door delivery until your order is right there in your hands.

Learn more about SYZ MACHINE Products

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If you need more info, please visit our website:

Company Website: http;//

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