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리드 타임::
수량(킬로그램) 1 - 100 101 - 1000 1001 - 5000 >5000
예상 시간(일) 5 10 18 양도 가능
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신고 의심스러운 활동
빠른 세부 사항
CAS 번호:
기타 이름:
doming resin
원래 장소:
Taiwan, China
두 배 분대 접착제
주요 원료:
공사, 섬유 & 의복, 신발 & 가죽, 패킹, 교통, 목공, graphics, promotional gifts
유명 상표:
모델 번호:
Liquid Glue
Water clear
Mixing ratio:
Rigid type
for graphics doming
Product name:
Epoxy AB glue
two component epoxy resin
epoxy compound
White clear liquid
공급 능력
공급 능력:
100 Ton/Tons per Month
포장 및 배송
패키지 정보
5kgs, 200kgs
리드 타임: :
수량(Kilograms) 1 - 100 101 - 1000 1001 - 5000 >5000
예상 시간(일) 5 10 18 추후 협상

Factory directly sale high quality ab glue glass epoxy decorative coatings sticker  resin for vinyl graphic coating



Product Description

 If you’re a beginner resin user, I cannot stress here enough that you need to start with an epoxy resin.  Why?  Epoxy resin is the ‘easiest’ to work with.  It generally doesn’t require a respirator mask and tends to be the most forgiving of environmental factors, such as humidity.  Epoxy resin generally has the longest pot time (approximately 20 to 40 minutes to work with it), so it’s great for beginners that are still fumbling and getting used to working with resin.


Fong Yong's E-126/H-100 is a two component, high gloss, rigid type epoxy resin that forms a hard enamel when cure. This versatile coating is a liquid resin that is safe and easy to use. It doesn’t contain any solvents or offensive odors.


E-126/H-100 forms tough, durable enamel that resists to moisture, solvents, and chemicals. This formulation can be air dried at room or elevated temperature to form a "bubble free" finish.

E-126/H-100 exhibits excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates including plated metals, glass, plastics, wood, concrete, fabric, etc...



l   Epoxy finish for costume and fashion jewelry

l   Rigid bubble coatings on decals, labels, emblems, and lapel pins

l   Color fill lapel pins, emblems, key tags, plaques, and insignias

l   Coat wooden floors and tables

l   Decoupage coating on veneer, and other woods



Description              Unit                       E-126              H-100


Appearance                       --                                                 Clear Liquid    Clear Liquid

Viscosity(25°C)                                              cps                    5,000~6,000            40~60




Mixing Ratio (by weight)                                                                      3         :         1

Pot Life (100g, 25°C)                         approx. 30-40 minutes

Cure Condition                         R.T.: 12~16 hours, or 70°C : 90 mins ( following the thickness and the size to be coated/domed).



 1.Weigh A and B glue according to the given weight ratio into the prepared cleaned container, fully mixed the mixture again the      container wall by clockwise, place it along for 3 to 5 minutes, and then it can be used.


2.Take the glue according to the usable time and dosage of mixture to avoid wasting. When the temperature is below 15 ℃, please heat A glue to 25 ℃ first and then mix it to the B glue (A glue will be thicken in low temperature ); The glue must be sealed lid after use to avoid rejection caused by moisture absorption.


3.When the relative humidity is higher than 85%, the surface of the cured mixture will absorb moisture in the air, and form a layer of white mist in the surface, so when the relative humidity is higher than 85%, is not suitable for room temperature curing, suggest to use the heat curing.



Packaging & Shipping

Packing: 5kgs, 15kgs, 200kgs

 Shipping: Ocean, DHL, TNT, FEDEX, UPS

Our Services

 1. Instant online technical support.

  2. No MOQ required.

  3. Customer made products available.

  4. OEM/ODM orders available.

  5. Various payment methods.

  6. Fast delivery.


Company Information

Fong Yong Chemical Co., Ltd. manufactures and markets all kinds of epoxy resin and hardener AB glue which cover very large range of applications, such as soft and hard type AB glue for stickers, LED strip casting, badges, nameplates, nail cutters, keychains...


Hard clear resin for LED channel letters, photo frame coating, hand made diamond, jewelry, crafts, nacelaces, bangles, bracklets, earrings, rings, miniatures such as simulated water, soup, liquid, drinks and fishbows to be used in a child's dollhouse, anything you can image clear and shinning, but cheap and easy to use.


Special adhesion for wood, metal, glass, stone and some plastic,  With very strong and high durable bond after cured.


Rigid and flexible potting compounds for electronic products such as regulatorss, generators, transformers, switchgear, insulators, mold filling, LEDs, perfectly to protect the potting items from short circuit, dust, water and moisture, and giving the potting items a more stable and longer lifetime than unpotted products.


Please contact us to discuss your application for a best solution.







 1. How long does E-126/H-100 take to harden?

    It would take about 8-12 hours to cure at room temperature.


2. What does “doming” mean?

  This mean that it naturally prefers to create a “dome” shape when you pour it into a bezel. If you drip it in, it looks like a drop of water and will hold its drop shape unless you add too much and over pour your bezel.


3. Will you be able to dent it with a fingernail after its cured?

No. Not if you measured correctly (1 part resin to 1 part hardener) and thoroughly mixed it. If resin is still sticky or soft after 24 hours, it was not mixed properly.






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