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Furse Mains Supplies with Remote Display Indication

Use ESP M1R versions on main distribution panel for buildings with multiple metallic services (e.g. gas, water, telephone lines) and on sub-distribution boards feeding sensitive equipment. Use ESP M2R versions on main distribution panel for buildings with a Class III or IV structural LPS fitted or exposed 3 phase power lines where no LPS is fitted. Use ESP M4R versions on main distribution panel for buildings with a Class I or II LPS fitted. 

  • Very low let-through voltage between all sets of conductors (phase to neutral, phase to earth and neutral to earth)

  • Full mode design capable of handling high energy partial lightning currents as well as allowing continual operation of protected equipment

  • Innovative multiple thermal disconnect technology, for safe disconnection from faulty or abnormal supplies (without compromising protective performance)

  • Three way visual indication of protection status

  • Advanced pre-failure warning so you need never be unprotected

  • Remote indication facility allows pre-failure warning to be linked to a building management system, buzzer or light

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