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high precious semi auto sticker labeling machine for juice bottle

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Hubei, China
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1 년
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스테인레스 스틸 304/316
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애완 동물, 유리
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100X30X55 cm
단일 총 중량:
34.000 kg
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나무 케이스, 단단한
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예상 시간(일) 7 추후 협상


high precious semi auto sticker labeling machine for juice bottle

Product Description





This machine use to label the PET bottle/ plastic bottle/ glass bottle and metal bottle. It's widely use for foodstuff/beverage/rice and oil/medicine/daily and chemical. This machine improve label speed and label quality.





This series of labeling machines are the products which have been innovated and reconstructed with reference to advanced labeling machine technology at home and abroad. Its structure is more simple, more accurate and easier to operate.

1). Adhesive sticker labeling machine for plane surface is with the tension function, supply stable , fast and can also ensure the speed.
2).Labeling position is adjustable to meet the different labeling needs.   
3).The operation is simple, anyone can all easy operation quick use equipment. 


Technical parameters  



YTK-80 Round Bottle Labeling Machine


220V  50Hz/110V  60Hz



Label Speed


Label Accuracy


Label Roll Inner Diameter


Max Label Roll Out Diameter


Products Size


Wide of Label(L*W)


Machine Size


Gross Weight




 product details 




(1)The position of the CD guide rod sensor of the imported beam seat is more accurate.


 (2)High-power high-speed motor, higher output power, more stable operation and long-term operation without problems.




 (3)Roller and roller bottles are made of high-quality rubber, fixed bottle


 (4)The rotation of the feed tray is adjustable, and the tightening screws can be adjusted according to actual needs, which is simple and convenient. 






Applicable label: adhesive label, adhesive film, transparent label, electronic supervision code, barcode, etc









Packaging & Shipping

Packaging Details 




PackingWooden case

Plastic film wrapped and iron frame fixing for FCL

We can package according to your requests.

 Delivery Detail: Shipped in 7-15 working days after payment.




Our Services

Guarantee and After-sale service   


1. 24 months warranty for the main equipment; the electronic component is 1 year.

2.Technical support by phoneemail or WhatsApp/Skype around the clock.

3.Installation/OperationService/ Maintenance Manual: Provided In English.

4. Engineer available to service machinery overseas.




Company Information

KA PACKING TECH company focuses on the research and development and manufacturing of filling machine, packaging machine, particle packaging machine, liquid packaging machine, powder packaging machine, multi-column packaging machine and automatic packaging line.At present, the company has developed and produced more than 10 series and more than 30 varieties, with excellent performance, leading technology, easy operation, easy maintenance, safety, durability, widely used in food, skin care products, medicine, chemical products, hardware products and other fields, to meet the needs of our customers.







  Q: Where is your factory? How can I visit your factory?
A: Our factory is located In Hubei wuhan province. We are warmly welcome you visit our Factory if you have a travel plan.

Q: How can I know your machine is designed for my product?
A: If you don't mind, you can send u sample and we test it on the machine. During that time, we will take video and clearer
picture for you. If chance, we can take video online and show u.

Q: How can I trust you for the first time business?
A: Please note our above business license and certificate. And if you don't trust us, then we can use Alibaba Trade Assurance
service. it will protect your money during the whole stage of the transaction.

Q: How about the after service and guarantee period?
A: We make the guarantee time 12 months from the machine's arrival in buyer's facility and we have a professional team with an
experienced technician to serve abroad and do the best after service to assure the machine whole life usage.

Q: How do we contact you?
A: Please leave a message and click "send" to send us an inquiry.



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