IP67 아bs PVC 플라스틱 상자 울안 전자 방수 전기 접속점 상자 제어반 상자

FOB 참조 가격:최근 가격 확인
$0.10 - $2.00 / 개 | 100 개 (최소.)
지원 해상 화물
신고 의심스러운 활동
빠른 세부 사항
원래 장소:
Zhejiang, China
유명 상표:
모델 번호:
HR-RT 200*155*80
보호 수준:
접속점 상자
외부 크기:
Product Name:
ip67 plastic waterproof electrical junction box
junction box
Customer Request
Working temperature:
-40℃ to 80℃
공급 능력
공급 능력:
1000 Piece/Pieces per Day
포장 및 배송
패키지 정보
일정한 수출 포장 수 맞춤
Ningbo or Shanghai
리드 타임: :
3-15 days
Product Descriptio



Box material : ABS 
Stopper material : PVC

Material characteristics : Impact , heat , low temperature and chemical resistance , excellent electrical performance and surface gloss , etc .

Certificates : CE , ROHS

Application : Suitable for indoor and outdoor etectric , communication , fire fighting apparatus , iron and steel smelting , petrochemical industry , electron , power system , railway , building , mine , air and sea port , hotel , ship , works , waste water treatment equipment , environmental eauipment and so on .

Installation : 1 Inside : there are the installation holes in the base for circuit board or din rail .
                     2 Outside :The products can be directly fixed on the wall or other flat boards with screws or nails via the screw holes in the base .

Outlet hole : Cutting a hole in the PVC stopper as related cable size or installing cable gland to get better waterproof performance .


Item NO.Hole
hole size
Carton Size
HR-RT 50*504255513.512.330046*38*51
HR-RT 80*504255514.713.424053*35*62
HR-RT 85*85*507255517.21620053*41*53
HR-RT 100*100*707256514.913.510062*49*35
HR-RT 150*110*7010256515.113.86067*33*46.5
HR-RT 150*150*708256516.3156084.5*34*45
HR-RT 200*100*708256516.615.36061*46*42
HR-RT 200*155*8010366514.513.24069.5*43.5*42
HR-RT 200*200*801236651816.64090*46*40.5
HR-RT 255*200*8012366521.920.14055*45*78.5
HR-RT 255*200*12012366521.920.13064*55*62
HR-RT 300*250*12012366520.318.42061.5*55.5*63
HR-RT 400*350*1201636651513.31074.5*42.5*61.5

  If you are interested in our products , please feel free tocontact with us ,we will try our best to meet your demand.

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Company Information

ZHE JIANG HANER PLASTIC CO.,was established in 2008,it have nearly 10years experience to produce the plastic produce. Our factory is specialied in produce the cable clip,nylon cable tie ,expand plugs,waterproof junction box, cable gland etc.Our factory is locted in WenZhou where is nearly Ningbo and Shanghai,so we have convenint transportation.

 Our products have got CE, ROHS ,ISO9001 and other Chinese and international quality system approvals,and we accept OEM and CDM .In order to meet new challenges and satisfy the increasing customeis requirement on our  products and service ,we  will consistently keep on updating and developing ourselves.





Q1. Are you a factory?
A1. We are the manufacturer, we establish in 2008, have 10 years experiences in this field. also we establish the trading company to make easy export.


Q2. What is MOQ?
A2. No limit.


Q3. How long is the delivery time?
A3. It depends on the quantity.For samples or regular items in small qty ,we promise to sent in 1-3 days. Most have in stock.For mass production, such like 20ft container we promise to sent in 15-30 days.


Q4. How about the payment terms?
A4. We accept PayPal, west union and T/T.


Q5. Which shipping method do you provide?
A5. For samples or small orders, goods will be sent by express.
For regular orders, goods can be sent by air or by sea, just according to your demand.


Q6.  How can we get the samples?Is it free?
A6. We provide free samples by express, but you need pay the express charge or make samples collection at your side.


Q7. What's the price?
A7. Different items different market will be different cost, we will keep to give best and competitive price for each customer.


Q8. How do we know you are a reliable supplier?
A8. As a professional manufacturer  we do good quality to cooperate with many countries,such as Russia,Brazil,US,Dubai and so on

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