Masala Blends Curry Rice Retort Pouch Industrial Autoclave Sterilization Machine

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마케팅 유형:
신제품 2020
보증 핵심 부품:
3 년
코어 부품:
PLC, 압력 용기, 펌프
원래 장소:
Shandong, China
유명 상표:
힘 (W):
차원 (L*W*H):
4700mm x 2300mm x 2500mm
1 year
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Product name:
Sterilization Cooking Retort Equipment for Fish / Meat / Corns
high temperature sterilization of fruits, vegetables, meat, fish
stainless steel
Sterilization Cooking Retort
Sterilizing way:
water spray retort machine
Heating way:
steam retort machine
for high temperature sterilization of fruits, vegetables, meat, fish
Design Temperature:
Design pressure:
공급 능력
공급 능력:
10 Set/Sets per Month
포장 및 배송
패키지 정보
soft film body cover and then loading into cantainer
Qingdao Port
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Masala Blends Curry Rice Retort Pouch Industrial Autoclave Sterilization Machine


This kind of retort sterilizer is suitable for various of heat resistant packages and we strongly recommend you to buy this type.


Applicable Scope:


1. Glass container: glass jar, glass bottle


2. Metal container: tin can


3. Plastic container: PP bottle, HDPE bottle


4. Soft package: Aluminum foil bag, transparent bag, vaccum bag, retort pouches, doy-packs ect.



A. Suitable for all heat resistant package material including glass container;


B. Safety interlock Device for quick closure of retort, to ensure the safety of operator;


C. Quick heating, only need about 6-12 minutes to reach the sterilization temperature;


D. Uniform heat distribution, no blind angle;


E. Adopting the multi-phase process for rising and dropping of temperature, minimize the temperature difference between the surface and center of packed food, maintain the flavor and nutrition of food. Mild heating and cooling process can protect the fragile container and glass container;

F. Direct heating by steam and indirect cooling by continually recycling the water through the heat exchanger, avoiding secondary contamination to the food package;


G. Employing soft water for sterilization to avoid pollution to the surface of package; no special requirements for cooling water which reduce the cost of sterilization;


H. Simens PLC automatic control system and touch screen, easy to operate;


I. Pressure control system can adjust the pressure in the tank automatically and precisely in case the packages break or deformation during sterilization process;


J. Monitoring temperature ensures food safety, saves energy, reduces production time and assists in providing the best quality product.

K. System will make alarm calls automatically when the temperature, the pressure, the water level, or any other kinds of error occur.


Working principle:


First filling the retort with a small amount of process water and the water level is maintained below the basket bottom level. Then the process water is drawn from the bottom of the retort by a high capacity circulation pump and spray from nozzles located along the top and sides of the retort. 


Simultaneously the steam valve opens and the steam is introduced into the retort through the steam spreader on the bottom of the retort directly heating those process water spraying from nozzles and making the temperature inside retort evenly.


And when the temperature inside retort reaches the programmed sterilization temperature, it  will be kept during the sterilization process. At the same time the pressure in the retort also will be kept by adding or venting compressed air as needed. Finally the cooling water through heat exchanger will continually make those sterilization water cool down until the sterilization process is finished.


Technical Parameters: 

Those retort sterilizers in the chart are standard configurations. 

We also can customize the retort machine according to your specific requirements or your drawing.

Some Retort Accessories

Insulation Layer


We will deliver your goods by LCL/20'FCL/40'FCL depending on your order.

Before delivery, our professional technician will do trial run for each product to check until everything is functional, you also can come to our factory and test our machine together with us.

When loading, our workers will fix the retorts tightly with wire rope so that the retorts can't move in the container.



Custmer Install Site



Our Retort Autoclave Workshop




Welcome you to visit our retort sterilization autoclave workshop


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