New computer 메트 vintage desk 자 조절 리프트 무방비 office 자 와 바퀴

FOB 참조 가격:최근 가격 확인
US$1.00 - US$55.00 / 개 | 10 개 (최소.)
신고 의심스러운 활동
빠른 세부 사항
사무용 가구
특정한 사용:
사무실 의자
일반적인 사용:
상업용 가구
사무용 의자, 상승 의자, 메쉬 의자, 회전 의자
원래 장소:
Guangdong, China
유명 상표:
모델 번호:
백 frame:
동기화 된
나일론 피마자
나일론 Base
암 레스트:
고정 암 레스트
Swivel, 높이 조절, tilt lock
포장 길:
1 개/ctn
품 명:
현대 Mid 백 office 표 자 computer 워크 스테이션 fabric 자
워크 스테이션 자
공급 능력
공급 능력:
5000 Piece/Pieces per Month task chair
포장 및 배송
패키지 정보
넉다운-down 포장 (CKD), Use 5 layers carton material 와 폼 코너, 더없이 good quality. 수 도움이 될 방법 너 축소 해 놓은 다 데미지 중 transport.
shekou yantian huangpu



Product Description



New computer desk chair adjustable lift armless office chair with wheels


Model No DescriptionCarton Size
MS70031). fabric back 
4). with / without PP arms
5).Swivel tilt mechanism
6).high density foam for seat
7).white plastic back frame
570*320*550black / white frame


fabric office chair

workstaion chair

computer workstation chair




Detailed Images

















Related Products

 Model NO.:MS7004

 Type:Mid back mesh chair

 Usage:boss ,manager

 Function:tilt ,lift,swivel



 Model NO.:MS7003

 Type:Low back mesh chair

 Usage:office ,meeting room , office





Packaging & Shipping



1.Knock down packing usually, Client packing way are welcome
2.Each part is packed with PE Foam Inside and professional corner protection
3.Outside with double strong 5 layers carton boxes,
4. Carton boxes print with the customers Logo and description, inside instruction manual easy for assemble.







Company Information


Company Introduction



BENO Furniture CO.,Limited was found In 2008, is a product design , development,manufacturing of whole set office furniture production enterprises and high-grade office chair as a whole.After precipitation years of rapid development and technology,the company has grown to have more than 100 skilled workers,monthly production of 5000 chair production platform,have more than 100 chair designs and different office furniture set appearance.






Why do you choose us as your supplier partner?


50 types of office sofa set ,leisure sofa and coffee table.

10 series Modern design furniture set and 1 series antique design office furniture set.

100 well-designed office chair, boss manager ergonomic chair for senior-high administrator, middle back chair for staff , executive meeting visitor chair for boardroom, training with or without castor and writing board for training room and full fabric or antique design chair for government project.


Good price

Mass manufacturing + Quality control + Skilled workers making us have price advantage.



We supply modern and antique design office desk ,office chair ,office bookcase, office sofa, office workstation, conference table for the whole set project order,Importers do not need to source and compare different furniture from different suppliers, and do not need to afraid of the compatibility from different factories.


Less or no MOQ requirement

We have In stock office table , office workstation , conference desk ,office bookcase, quickly delivery time.

Compared to the other factory , we are less MOQ for the office chair.

Pcs for our standard models. 30-50pcs for the economic models.




With 8 years' experience for exporting; Supply with assembly instruction in English by paper or vedio to cut your local assembly cost.

We know many special demands of different countries' custom, different shipping companies, to help partners to reduce business cost.






1.What is the Trade Term?
Ex-work factory , FOB Guangzhou, FOB Shenzhen. CIF Guangzhou, CF Shenzhen.

2.How long is our Production leading time?
Within 15-20 days upon receive deposit in normal season, and 25-30days in our busy time(August,September,October).

3.What is the Payment term?
T/T 30% Deposit for start the production ,the balance before the shipment when goods are ready.

4. What support you will have to assemble this furniture?
Inside each packing of the office furniture products ,we have put the exactly instruction book ,you can assemble the office furniture very easy.

5.What kind of documents we will provide to you?
B/L,Commercial Invoice, Packing List,Certificate of Original. with these documents you or your borker can do the customs declaration at your side.

6. During shipping, if there is a damage to products, how do you get replacement?
During shipping,our shipping angancy will try to ensure the safety of the goods.If there is a damage to products, they would be responsible for the damage .If it is not a very serious problems,we will help you and compensate you the damaged parts.

7. If there are any missing parts in our shipment, how long it takes for you to send?
If there is some small missing components,we will DHL to you ASAP within one week.

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