Non-toxic Glass Silicone Sealant TYT-119

본선 인도 가격: US $ 1.66-1.79 / 개 최근 가격 확인
포트: Huangpu Port, Guangzhou
최소 주문 수량: 100 카톤
공급 능력: 15000 카톤 / 월
운송 시간: 7-15 days
지불 조건: L/C,T/T

간단 상세

다른 접착제
원래 장소:
중국( 본토)
유명 상표:
모델 번호:
공사 , fireproof seal of public places,electronics, electrical elements etc
주요 원료:
Skin Time:
<30 minutes
Tensile Strength(Mpa):
> 0.4
Shelf Time:
10 months
Standard Color:
black,white and grey
Temperature Resistance:
Fireproof Grade:
FV-0 (GB/T2408)
> 80
Shore Temperature:
within 27℃

패키지 정보

패키지 정보: 300ml /cartridge, 24 cartridges /carton

제품 사양


Product Series: TYT Organic Silicone   

Model:   119 Flame Retardant Silicone Sealant



          Non-toxic Glass Silicone Sealant TYT-119  




1. TYT-119 is the excellent building assembling weather sealant of one component,neutral room 

curing and easy to use, which there are good extrusion property and thixotropy within -4°C~40°C. It can be squeezed out by glue gun simply.

2. It can be up to FV-0 grade(GB/T2408) because of excellent flame retardancy.

3. No dense smoke or toxic gas during the combustion.

4. Good weather ability and resistance to aging,waterproof property.

5. No corrosion to some building materials, such as, metal(except copper),concrete,marble,granite ect.

6.Keep a good elasticity due to the resistance to high and low temperature, which do not change into brittle,hardening,cracking within -50°C and do not change into soft,degradation within 150°C after curing.

7. It can be sealed strongly with most of building materials after curing.

8. It can have a good compatibility with other neutral silicone sealants.

9.This sealant can be used in the bonding and sealing for the surface of copper,lead and galvanized metal, coating film glass, mirror before doing a compatibility test first.





1. For the flame retardancy and sealing for the water proofing,damp-proof,decoration of guesthouse, hotel, cinema etc.

2. For the flame retardancy and sealing of various doors & windows,glass.

3.For the flame retardancy of curtain wall engineering and the sealing and bonding of various flameproof doors & windows.

4. For the fixing and flame retardancy of electronics, electrical elements.





1. Be sure to the applicability of products by compatibility test before use.

2. Not suitable for the structural assembly.

3. Not suitable for the materials surface with grease, plasticizer or solvent.

4. Not suitable to use in non-ventilated place,which needs moisture in air to solidify.

5. Not suitable for frosting and humid surface, soggy or humid places all the year round.

6. Not suitable to use when the temperature of the materials surface is lower than 5°C or higher than 40°C.



Color:    grey, black, white and other colors as customers request; 



Packaging:   300ml/Cartridge, 24 cartridges/Carton



Storage:  be kept in a dry, shady and cool place below 27 °C and the quality guarantee period is over 10 months from the production date.




1. Construct in environment with good ventilation;

2. Keep uncured silicone sealant beyond children’s reach. If getting into eyes, wash with running water for several minutes, and then consult a doctor.



1. Clean the base material with cloth; and clean it with solvent;

2. Then cut the nozzle and press glue gun ,balance the glue to the both sides,ensure to fill the joint and tightly stick to the base material.



Technology Data:

The following data are only for reference purpose, not intended for use in preparing specification.

PerformanceMeasured ValueTest Method
Density /mm≤ 1GB/T13477
Extrusion (ml/min)≥ 80GB/T13477
Loss of Heating /%≤ 10GB/T13477
Skinning Time /min≤ 30GB/T13477
Elastic Recovery /%≥ 80GB/T13477
Tensile Modulus /Mpa
(Standard Condition)
> 0.4GB/T13477
Flame-retardant GradeFV-0GB/T2408
Resistance to High and Low Temperature-50°C-150°C/
Tensile AdhesionNo damageGB/T13477
Bonding after Hot Extrusion and Cold DrawNo damageGB/T13477
Bonding after UV-irradiationNo damageGB/T13477
Tensile Adhesion after Immersion in WaterNo damageGB/T13477



Show our factory:




Sample Testings in Lab:


Start the production line before a series of strict sample testings by advanced machines. Such as,Tensile Strength Test,Shore-A Hardness Test,Skin over time Test and so on.






Packaging Show:





Container Loading Show:





Show our certifications and testing reports:


Of course, we can provide others certifications to you if you need,such as SGS/MSDS, our silicone sealant products have been passed by ISO 9001:2008 and CNAS etc.




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