RainBow Hologram Software for creating full-color digital rainbow holograms using e-beam and FIB lithography

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colored images
brands, products
digital rainbow holograms
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Product Description

Rainbow Hologram Software.

Special software "RainBow" is developed for Optical Variable Image Devices (OVID) structures data preparation. RainBow uses special feature of NanoMaker (software package for e-beam and FIB lithography) for data compact representation and transfer. RainBow software transforms color (bitmap) images into set of diffractive grids to provide illusion of color image at light reflection. It allows also to form reflected images with stereo and dynamic effects.

Application Area

Optical Variable Devices (OVD) are widely used for :

- protection of brands, 

- protection of products,

- etc.

One of the most prevalent kind of OVD is Rainbow "hologram" for production of which industrial e-beam lithographs were used. Now fabrication of OVD dies (prestamps) is possible also with ordinary SEM under NanoMaker control and software "Rainbow".
Detailed Images

Photos at the right side give examples of OVD  when two images were written on single Rainbow "hologram". The two different images are visible at changing angle of observation (dynamic effect).

Other Detailed images 

Optical microscope image of the grating structures in a 400 nm thin PMMA layer fabricated with e-beam lithography.

Detailed view of the electroplated nickel nanostructures (300 nm high and approx. 150 nm wide).

Packing & Delivery

Software part will be able for downloading in 2-5 days after your payment.
Also we can send you CD with this software if you need.

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