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실리콘 Teething 목걸이 선택 컬러 베이비 물린 구슬 목걸이 Teether 씹는 비즈 쥬얼리 유아 Teether

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실리콘 씹는 목걸이 01
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실리콘 나비 teether
Pantone 색상
100 Pcs
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12X8X2 cm
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Silicone Teething Necklace CHOOSE Color Baby Bite Bead Nursing Necklace Teether Chewing Beads Chew Jewelry Toddler Teether


Wear It ,Use It , Chew It !


Product Description


Item    NameSilicone sendory chew necklace for kids chew toys
Material100% LFGB standard silicone
SizeChew neacklace: 70*20*13mm, Pencil topper: 6.5*20*13mm

Chew necklace :19g*2

Pencil topper:16g


Packing2pcs chew necklace+1pc pencil topper per pcak/opp bag,280pack/CTN

1.DURABLITY IS KEY- Crafted from incredibly durable silicone, this PACK OF 3 Includes THREE different colored wearable chewing necklaces and TWO BONUS chewable pencil toppers made from our premium silicone-making them STRONG, but not hard to chew, which is perfect for most people!


2.KIDS & ADULTS LOVE IT! This cool brick shape is a favorite that your child will LOVE to wear and chew on--instead of their hands, clothing, or other objects! The fun shape can also simply be worn for style if you're not a chewer!


3.EXPERIENCE CALMNESS AND CONCENTRATION- Studies have shown that chewing can be therapeutic for some individuals with ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), Autism, and other conditions. Reduce anxiety, improve concentration and focus better!


4.100% SAFE AND NON-TOXIC –Safety is our priority! Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our sensory necklace set is made from 100% food grade silicone. All of our products are BPA FREE and also free of any toxins such as lead, latex, PVC, or phthalates. Each chew necklace also comes with an easily adjustable cord length with breakaway clasps to further ensure safety! Our sensory toys are easy to sanitize with hot water and mild soap.

ColorsPantone colors





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Company Information



  Space Peak is a professional manufacturer of silicone rubber products and plastic products in China, with strong capabilities in product design, mold fabrication, silicone rubber compression, plastic injection and electro-plating.

  With our own laboratory, leading special test machine,which the product could be test on time. And having our own mold workshop, CNC workshop and injection workshop, so we can ensure the quality of the products and delivery in the fastest time. (High-quality talent, advanced equipment, scientific management and high standards of quality requirements) make our company pass ISO9001 quality system certification, NSF and wading permits. dedicating to be the OEM/ODM total solution provider to worldwide brands, delivering high quality products at lower total costs, with the promise of excellent customer service from start to finish.

  Our products include all kinds of silicone watches, silicone bracelets, silicone purse/bag, phone gift & fitting, holder & case, home & kitchen ware, daily supplies, and other silicone rubber components (like bellow, O-ring, gaskets, mounting, seals, grommets), plastic products (like faucet, handle, cover, case, valve, gear, other fittings, etc. 
  Welcome to visit our factory, send your enquiry to our email, or call us at any time! Thanks for your attention, support, trust and cooperation.





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