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열 transfer 비닐, pu
· 발랄 t-shirts, athletic 착용, 신생아 바디 슈트, T-shirts
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Shanghai, China
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열 transfer 비닐
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열 transfer 비닐
Pu, 어필하는 큐빅, 풀어
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플 렉소 잉크, 플라, 실리콘, 플라
유연한 & Soft
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작을 뿐 것보다 50℃
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39X54X0.05 cm
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0.050 kg
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We 것 둘 다 drying 에이전트 in the OPP bags. 어린이의 손에 다. 2015년도에도 in Dry environment. You could choose sheet 나 컷 각 labels.
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wholesale iron on stock glitter heat transfer vinyl


Before offer the price. Get the quote simply by completing and submitting the form below:

Product: ___________________
Size : ______(10" x 10", 10" x 12", 12" x 15", roll)

Color: ______(we could make many colors a lot for you).
Order Quantity: _________________pcs
Where to Shipping: _______________ (Country with postal code please)

We Guarantee 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee, our color is more shiny than others. You could compare Korea quality.

Lowest Price Guarantee, and keep the high quality. compare korea price.

Rush service available, turning time 3 days

Popular sheet size : 10" x 10", 10" x 12", 12" x 15", roll. 

Could make many colors a package for you.

Fast and Reliable Turnaround, deliver time 1-6 days

We will try to meet or beat any competitor's prices! 

Just Contact us today!


We also sell the PU heat transfer vinyl. 


Product Description


JCbasic Glitter Iron On Vinyl --is a decorative heat transfer vinyl that can be ironed onto any t-shirt, sweatshirt, blanket or other cotton or polyester-based fabric. The clear, built in carrier keeps your design from sticking and melting to your iron and lets you cut on any vinyl cutter. You can even personalize home décor items like pillows, curtains, wall hangings and lamp shades! Bling vinyl is a true, touchable glitter finish like the one you find in popular retail chains.



Heat Application

Adheres ToSpecificationsWashing
15 Seconds (Preheat 2-3 Seconds)100% cottonGlitter FinishMachine wash WARM with mild detergent
320° F / 160° C100% Uncoated polyester Turn inside out
3-4 barleather No chlorine bleach
Hot peel  Wait 24 hours before first wash
   Dry at normal setting





There are 31 kinds colors could choose:



We could provide any methods to send to our client.

For example Roll , square, rectangle, round shape and custom size.



Product show









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