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비즈니스 형태: 제조 업체, 무역 회사
제품/서비스: 알루미늄 트러스
위치: Guangdong, China
설립 연도: 2008
년 시작 수출: 2008
종업 원수 개: 51 - 100 사람
총수입(전년): confidential
주력 시장: 남아,남부 유럽,북아메리카,중앙 아메리카,동부 아시아
평균 안내시간: 15 일
회사 소개

TECHTEAM located in Shunde, Foshan city, Guangdong. Has been committed to looking for inspiration, develop and innovate to products. Our pursuit is let our products be high safety coefficient, quick and simple installation.The brand of TECHTRUSS acquired consumers' approve in the short time, from 100mm Decorative Truss to 1500mm Heavy Duty Truss are our products.What's more, Our product line continue to expand in TRUSS fields such as:STAGE,TOWER,SYSTEMS and relates products are successively out of our production lie, and playing their role in all over the world. Excellent product manufacturing, needs an outstanding team, prefect management system, high-precious welding platform as well as other process equipments. We did it and will continue to improve. You will feel there are distinctive when come to our workshop. A set of prefect product equipment process we own, from component processing to cut saws, welding, packing, etc. You can feel every step we are attentively manufacturing our products. Establishing and improving the global distribution network is the same marketing strategy. We have some partner and distributor in some area, and supply professional design and manufacture,reasonable price, quality products and prompt delivery term for them. More than that, we technical team also actively cooperated with products after-sale tracking service. For example, products improve, update and design, stress analysis and calculating, the technical guide in the setup project, etc. we focus on offering the best after-sales service for customers. Our Philosophy: Design without compromise-excellence in truss Use the finest quality materials and parts possible Maintain the highest standards of workmanship and quality control. Our result: Techteam always insists on continuously expanding our product line in TRUSS fields, and we have more than 10years experiences, that's an advntage. We constantly improve our hardware device, for example: improve the factory environment, increase equipment (CNC lathe, CNC miller, sawing machine, digital bending machine,high precision welding platform, etc. ) our goal is complete products in the one-stop factory. In the mean time, we pay more attention to building and enhancing the quality and technical skills of workers, because only strict and scientific management system can ensure the quality. From 100mm Decorative Truss to 1500mm Huge Truss, length from 100mm to 6000mm products, side-line products (such as tower, roof, lifting tower, stage) can manufacture in our factory. More than any of these, we hold fork coupler technology, and put into operation. We improved the whole product line of fork coupler, including libere truss and star connection systems. These are our pride, but we will never stop, will dedicate to offering the best products for our customer, never ending!

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